Monday, September 30, 2013

They See Us Rolling

Rolling right on through SHIPtember. All these great SHIPs by all these great builders.

And now, in no particular order.

Tyler's AF-80 Cheyenne

4estFeller's P H O E N I X

Pierre E Fieschi's Ultaran Customs Officer Corvette

A collaborative SHIP between Ian SpacekPaul Vermeesch, and Max Pointer: the M.I.P. Pistrix

And last, but not least is

John Stephen's U.K.N. "Hailstorm" Battlecruiser

(Now you're all wondering who's SHIP is the least, aren't you?)

Phew. That was a lot of cutting and pasting. Anyway, there you have it. All of my favorite SHIPs from this month. I might have a couple more tomorrow, due to time zones and all that stuff, but this is it for now. Here's to next SHIPtember, and with that we roll right into Ma.Ktober in an hour and 20 minutes, EST!

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen

Blake Baer's entry into the 2013 MocOlympics over on MOCpages, vs. Jamesuniverse and his awesome entry, where he pulls out as the winner! This scene is just an eye popper for detail! The circular base is awesome, that dead tree is just sweet, the four horsemen are just fantastic, a great color scheme, and that forced perspective just takes the cake! The red background adds a lovely atmosphere to this moc, it really make this fantastic creation stand out. There are so many spectacular details on this fabulous creation, it is hard to list them all. Check it out on flickr, or for more views, check it out on MOCpages!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

TRON - 2nd Gen Light Cycle

This fantastic lightcycle is brought to you by Peter Mowry, and is just astonishing! His second version of his Tron lighcycle, it looks sleeker, and bigger! The older one is still jaw dropping, with epic wheels, pictured below:

Support this amazing TRON lightcycle project on CUUSOO! View it on MOCpages!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Same Difference

I apologize for the lack of posts, I know I've been extremely busy with school. But anyway, here are two of my favorite mechs from this week.

Izzo's Gunnloo the Future Heavy Equipment

A heavy industrial mech, with a great balance of bley and yellow.

Legohaulic's Rivet Scout

I love the look of the studs as rivets, the viewports are perfect.

Two posts, two builders, and two different awesome mechs.

Monday, September 23, 2013

BrickNerd Episode 106 Is Out!

The New BrickNerd Episode 106 by Tommy Williamson is out!  Features a review on The Council of Elrond set, and how to make your own lego picture frame!  Also, check out his playlist of all his episodes!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Persuasion and Reason

I've always liked Caleb's MOCs, and I recently had the honor of helping with a collaboration of his at BrickFair Virginia. This new scene from him depicts a man being tortured. To be specific, that man being tortured is one of Brother Steven's minifigs. The story is that Steven's brother, Mark, accidentally picked up Caleb's sigfig and brought him home from BF VA. Also, Caleb ended up with Steven's minifig, so they decided to swap. After they made a scene with both of them for fun. Here is Caleb's part of the deal.

The details here are lovely, the tractor in the back corner, the cat, even the windows are nicely done. Well played, Caleb.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Try And Outsmart The Black Box...

This build is just crazy!  Built by master builder Jason Allemann (True Dimensions), this was built with LEGO EV3 Mindstorms, and he gave it a snarky personality in the form of this black box. You’ll just have to watch the video to see what it does, it is hilarious!  And, for those of you who’d like to build your own black box, Jason has provided instructions on his website.  How cool is that!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Love Me Some Good LOtR Lego

And this creation by Cyrille is a perfect example of what I like. Ted Sandyman's mill is his most recent MOC. The roof is great, the wall is great, and the accents of color everywhere are beautiful.

Marvelously done, Cyrille.

The Tower

This jaw dropping creation is HUGE! Built by Kris Kelvin, this will leave you awestruck! A masterful build, the size of it is overwhelming, and the detail is spectacular! I am dumbfounded! The scenery around the tower also adds to this build. I love the whole tower! Check out this dumbfounding creation on flickr, as well as detail shots!

Monday, September 16, 2013

FB 21 - Freight Class Botany

This stellar creation by Disco86 is just, stellar! The detail for its size is fantastic, and the color scheme is beautiful as well! The overall shaping of the ship is eye candy, and the interior just puts it over the top! Built for SHIPtember over on flickr, this is one amazing entry! Check out this masterful creation on MOCpages and flickr!

Not One, But Two SHIPs!

Mark and Steven Erickson have just recently ended their epic Iron Builder contest with Siercon & Coral, and we are all eagerly awaiting the results. Here is the Erickson's last entry. Two SHIPs battling? Just awesome.

I love the different styles of SHIP. Mark's is on the right, an organic - looking monster. Steven's is the left one, the heroic and awesome looking "good guy" SHIP, I'm guessing. Both are sweet though.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Minas Morgul

This fantastic creation is made by J-rod Smith and is well done! The walls are fantastic, and the gate is awesome! He got some lovely angles on those walls! The rockwork is also well done, and helps complete this wonderful creation! View it on MOCpages!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Gnarly BMW 2002 Rat Rod

This is simply one of the most beautiful Lego cars I have ever seen, made by _Tiler. Everything works perfectly. I won't say anything more, just gape in awe as I did.

I love that engine.

And yes, it fits a minifigure.

Slick stuff, Calin. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grunts (But Not as You Know Them!)

Carter Baldwin is one of the best known builders in the LEGO community for his mechs and vehicles. I, for one, and amazed by his creativity and ability to actually create what he has thought up, unlike myself. I have to heavily modify my ideas before they make it to the brick. That's what I love about Carter's Grunt variants here, they're so creative and so well executed.

Grunt Hardsuit


Carter's planning a few more but mentioned they wouldn't be up for another few weeks. I couldn't wait any longer.

Battle of Berlin

This stunning creation is brought to you by =DoNe=, and is just jaw dropping! Massive, and yet full of awesome little details, this moc is fantastic! The houses alone are extremely detailed, the tank just looks epic, and the train tracks put it over the top! Check out this masterful creation on flickr or MOCpages!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simplicity At Its Best

Pascal is known for his simplistic builds. Simplicity, though, is usually looked down upon for SHIPs, it's almost considered cheating by some. As someone put it though, if Pascal's SHIP wasn't minimalistic, then it wouldn't really be like him. That's why I was delighted to see this SHIP from him, coming nine days after his first SHIP. You try building a 100 stud+ long ship in a day.

And we're expecting another within the week. Go, Pascal go!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Orðlokarr Castle

Orðlokarr Castle

This jaw dropping castle creation is....jaw dropping! Brought to you by the Mark of Falworth and Brother Steven, this creation is just loaded with detail! From the amazing S.N.O.T rockwork, to the tudor section of the castle, each detail just adds to the beauty of this moc! The wall is especially well done, lovely texture going on there! I love the splashes of brown amidst the rockwork! Check out this magnificent creation on flickr!

See? Not All Outlaws are Evil!

I may be a little biased, being an Outlaw myself in the Lands of Classic Castle, and even though this is about Garheim mainly, I couldn't help but blog it. It's too cool.

LCC GC V Entry: Evacuation

Justin and Jordan have long been two of my favorite builders, and they don't disappoint. The wall texturing puts this diorama over the top.

Lego Microscope Mkll-Hero

LEGO Microscope MkII - Hero

This beautiful creation is built by Carl Merriam and is just fantastic! The realistic look is just icing on the cake! Plus, it actually works! Using 4 magnifying glasses, you can actually zoom in!

LEGO Microscope MkII - Actual View

Check out this mind blowing, masterful creation on flickr!

Defending the City

This masterful creation just blows your mind! Built by 6kyubi6, this creation is massive, yet packed with tons of little details! The giant crocodile mech is just boss! The exploding helicopter is also fantastic, and the whole underground section is amazing! Built for a collaboration for the Diemoz Fair in France, on September 14-15. For bigger more detailed pictures, check out this jaw dropping creation on flickr!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Details are Everything

Well, usually. But anyway, this diorama by Fianat is spectacular. The rockwork is awesome, the small details on the temple, and the sense of action going on between the minifigs makes this MOC great. Oh, and the layering and skeleton of some large creature are just icing on the cake.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Small Cars Are Often Overlooked

With all those auto nerds out there, you'd think LEGO cars would get more attention than they do. Alas, they don't. Many brilliant cars of all sizes are overlooked. Lino Martins has some darn good vehicles that have been featured on The Brothers Brick many times, but I'm talking about the little guys, the Tiny Turbo-esque cars. I believe the reason they haven't gotten attention is because they're small and therefore people think they're easy to make. I'm inclined to disagree, myself, and here I have three builders that I think are perfecting the art of small cars. Two have been featured on TBB and one hasn't. Without further ado, here you go.

Count Sepulchure's Sharpnose Shark

What sold me on this one was the level of detail along the right and left sides. The backwards flower adds so much.

r a p h y's Harrier and Rogue-Fearr

These are just great, the front of the Harrier is flat, which doesn't usually work too well but here it's used very effectively.

Angka Utama's Dino Hillclimb Special

I can totally see this thing whipping around a race track at 250 mph. End of story. (Oh, and the presentation's cool.)

I hope you've enjoyed this dosage of tiny cars, and may this blog prosper!

Guardian of the Emerald

This crazy creation by LukeClaranceVan is just....crazy! So many NPUs, like the round tiles! My favorite part has to be the eye. Such small detail is what helps make a moc amazing. The boat is also well done, the shaping is beautiful! Check out this masterful creation on MOCpages and flickr!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This beautiful moc is built by Leda Kat and is an eye popper! It is from the Wizard of Oz, and is dedicated to her buddies at VirtuaLug. The detail is amazing! I love the curving road and the houses! Check out this masterful creation on MOCpages!

MO R1: The Travelers

This beautiful creation by Elliott Feldman is masterfully done! The main picture looks amazing, and was made with basically NO photoshop, except to slightly darken the photo! But thats not all, if you look at the forced perspective temples and houses from a top-down view, it is shaped like a lions paw! AND....the main baseplate is also shaped like something....try to figure it out! Check out this awesome creation on MOCpages!

Lego Skylanders

Lego Skylanders

This amazing creation built by Sean and Steph Mayo is just crazy! They built a popular video game in lego, and it still works! You can play this fun game with the lego figures as well! The detail on the figures is stupendous! They made a video to show you how it works, check it out here. A masterful creation, check it out on flickr.

Friday, September 6, 2013

MO R1: Scientific Scales

Scientific Scales

Built for the 2013 MocOlympics on MOCpages, this scientific scales is very clean, and masterfully built! They're fully functional as well! These scales include details such as a leveling mechanism, an arrow on a meter to show how level the scale is, working weight differential, a full set of small weights to accurately and precisely weigh something, movable elements like opening door, opening drawer, and sliceable mechanisms! Check out this fantastic creation on MOCpages and flickr!

Rambo Nerdly

This wonderful creation by Lego Junkie is built for the Brickerd Pimp My Nerdly Contest, hosted Tommy Williamson. The mini AK looks great! The scattered camouflage for the head is well done, and that small clean baseplate just completes this lovely creation. Check it out on flickr and MOCpages!

ESCHER Station

This ingenious creation is built by David Roberts and incorporates an optical illusion painted by M.C. Escher, except in Lego! The creation is masterfully done, and the photoshopped backgrounds adds to the beautifulness of this moc! Check it out on MOCpages!

The Fall of Darkstar Keep

This castle creation is wonderfully done, with lots of beautiful detail! The tudor section adds a nice color to this moc, the castle itself is masterfully done, with splashes of profile bricks mixed, and the dragon just tops it all! Check out this awesome creation on MOCpages!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Serpent Shores

Serpent Shores

This is probably the best microscale castle I have ever seen! Built by Sean and Steph Mayo, this creation is NPU galore! From the snotted beach, to the pine trees, and using staircases for towers is ingenious! Check out this NPU master creation on flickr!