Saturday, September 7, 2013

Small Cars Are Often Overlooked

With all those auto nerds out there, you'd think LEGO cars would get more attention than they do. Alas, they don't. Many brilliant cars of all sizes are overlooked. Lino Martins has some darn good vehicles that have been featured on The Brothers Brick many times, but I'm talking about the little guys, the Tiny Turbo-esque cars. I believe the reason they haven't gotten attention is because they're small and therefore people think they're easy to make. I'm inclined to disagree, myself, and here I have three builders that I think are perfecting the art of small cars. Two have been featured on TBB and one hasn't. Without further ado, here you go.

Count Sepulchure's Sharpnose Shark

What sold me on this one was the level of detail along the right and left sides. The backwards flower adds so much.

r a p h y's Harrier and Rogue-Fearr

These are just great, the front of the Harrier is flat, which doesn't usually work too well but here it's used very effectively.

Angka Utama's Dino Hillclimb Special

I can totally see this thing whipping around a race track at 250 mph. End of story. (Oh, and the presentation's cool.)

I hope you've enjoyed this dosage of tiny cars, and may this blog prosper!