Monday, September 30, 2013

They See Us Rolling

Rolling right on through SHIPtember. All these great SHIPs by all these great builders.

And now, in no particular order.

Tyler's AF-80 Cheyenne

4estFeller's P H O E N I X

Pierre E Fieschi's Ultaran Customs Officer Corvette

A collaborative SHIP between Ian SpacekPaul Vermeesch, and Max Pointer: the M.I.P. Pistrix

And last, but not least is

John Stephen's U.K.N. "Hailstorm" Battlecruiser

(Now you're all wondering who's SHIP is the least, aren't you?)

Phew. That was a lot of cutting and pasting. Anyway, there you have it. All of my favorite SHIPs from this month. I might have a couple more tomorrow, due to time zones and all that stuff, but this is it for now. Here's to next SHIPtember, and with that we roll right into Ma.Ktober in an hour and 20 minutes, EST!