Saturday, October 5, 2013

All right, I admit it.

I'm really liking Maschinen Krieger. Last year, I disliked it, but I suspect it's because I couldn't make any of the designs. I was too lazy to make an SAFS, didn't feel like trying to get the odd curves on some of the Ma.K. vehicles and ended up doing something non-canon. Which turned out terribly, with terrible photography. This year, I am trying to redeem myself. So it's natural I look up designs and other people's Lego Ma.K. stuff. While going through my contacts this morning, I found this beauty.

Ma.K. Zerstover, by CaptainInfinity

Apparently this design is incredibly rare, which would explain why I didn't find looking for designs. I'm sure glad Logan found it, otherwise we wouldn't have this sweet MOC.